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  • Custom high quality, safe and most Dyno-tested remapped files;
  • Tuning files with optimal performance results;
  • Special requests and requirements are welcome;
  • High customer service level, technical support;
  • No standard online file portal, always personal contact;
  • We supports all high quality tools on the market
  • Reasonable prices and dealer benefits;
  • Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, Vmax, DTC and DPF programming;
  • High qualified Programmers from Germany!
  • Made in Germany!!!

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File Turn arround from 10 Minutes to 2 Hours normaly


Deep Experience in the last 11 Years of Tuning

Close Communication

Quick and easy Communication

Checked Files

If you want, we can do a 4 eyes controll

Analyse the ECU´s

We analyse the ECU´s for more Options

Targeted Training

We Train our Programmer on the Tools

The Chip-Tuning Wiki by

Car Tuning (Stage 1)

This is an entry level tuning with only the best modified software parameters

Car Tuning (Stage 1+EGR)

This is an entry level tuning with only the best modified software parameters and EGR disabled.

Car Tuning + DPF off/Decat/Egr/Dtc Off (Stage 2)

Stage 1 tuning  + DPF Off/Decat/Egr/Dtc Removal (Stage 2)

Car tuning (Stage 3)

Car tuning (Stage 3)

Tuning made for vehicles with modified turbo, exhaust, decat etc.

Truck/Agriculture tuning (Stage 1)

This is an entry level tuning with only the best modified software parameters

Truck/Agriculture Tuning + DPF off/Decat/Egr/Dtc Off (Stage 2)

Truck/Agriculture Tuning + DPF off/Decat/Egr/Dtc Removal (Stage 2)

Car DPF off/Decat

Disabling DPF or Catalyst and removal of related DTC´s 

Egr block/removal

Removal or disabling EGR and related DTC´s 

DPF Off & EGR Off

DPF and EGR Removal on your vehicle

Dtc/P-code remove

Dtc/P-code remove

DPF off & Add Blue off

DPF off & Add Blue off

DPF Off & EGR Off & ADBlue Off and related DTC´s

DPF Off & EGR Off & ADBlue Off and related DTC´s


ADDBlue and related DTC Removal

DSG (Stage 1)

Basic DSG Tuning, Torque Limiter Adjusted, Faster shifts

DSG (Stage 2)

Stage 2 DSG tuning, Torque Limiter Adjusted, Faster shifts, Higher Rev Limits, Launch Control Adjusted

Swirl Flaps Removal

Removal of swirl flaps and related DTC's

VMAX Removal

Removal of maximum speed limit also called VMAX

Start Stop Removal

Removal of Start Stop function in vehicle

Launch Control

Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers of both racing and street cars to accelerate rapidly from a standing start.

Anti Lag System

Anti-Lag System (ALS) or misfiring system is a system used on turbocharged engines to minimize turbo lag on cars

Pop and Bang (crackle map)

Pop & bang is a term used to describe the sounds let off from the exhaust of some supercars when they are decelerating. However, our engineers have developed pop & bang modifications for many ‘regular’ cars by modifing ignition.

Warranty Patch

We can apply a warranty patch so warranty is maintained on the vehicle.

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